5 Delicious Medicinal Mushrooms That You Can Cook

Just like plants, mushrooms had proven themselves to be a good source for medicine. Over the years, scientists have researched medicinal fungi and uncovered the health benefits of eating mushrooms. However, no one likes taking medicine drugs. But, don’t fret. We have five delicious medicinal mushrooms that you can cook with your favorite dishes. 

#1 Delicious Medicinal Mushrooms: Shiitake

If you love the taste of the umami flavor, then, you will love Shiitake mushrooms. These brown-capped mushrooms can be found in many traditional Japanese dishes. Its taste is rich, savory, and quite complex to understand.

Medicinal Mushrooms Shiitake Dish

Shiitake mushrooms can be mixed in a variety of dishes. You can throw them in a soup to help elevate the umami flavor of the broth. They can also be an added crunch to your stir fry. You can also make it your main ingredient by sauteing them with oyster sauce.

It sounds mouthwatering, right? Well, that is not all that Shiitake mushrooms can offer you. If you happened to eat a lot of this savory fungus, no need to worry about gaining weight. They are known to help reduce weight. They are low in calories and rich in fiber. 

Lots of important vitamins are also found in a Shiitake. This medicinal fungus can help in improving blood flow. They are highly recommended to those who are suffering from arteries hardening. Plus, they are good for the skin too.

#2 Delicious Medicinal Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane

If we are talking about good for the brain mushrooms, Lion’s Mane owns a spot. This white fluffy ball-like fungus is well-regarded for its cognitive health benefits. It can cure Alzheimer’s disease and repair brain damage, restoring its cognitive function. For more health benefits information on Lion’s Mane, check out Top 4 “Good for the Brain” Mushrooms.

Lion's mane Medicinal Mushrooms

When cooking Lion’s mane, the most common way is to saute them. But first, you need to cut them into steaks. With a dry pan over medium heat, place the mushroom on it. This fungus is high in water content. As you cook it, it will release its liquid into the pan. Once the moisture has evaporated, you can add some butter and pepper. Cook them slowly until you achieve a golden brown color. Once cooked, it looks similar to a cooked chicken breast even on the inside.

#3 Delicious Medicinal Mushrooms: Morels

Morels are sought out by many hunters when mushroom foraging. Stumbling across one of these in the wild feels like finding a treasure. Its meaty yet thin texture is not like any other. The best way to cook fresh Morel mushrooms is quite simple. They are usually sauteed with oil, butter, wine, or cream.

Medicinal Mushrooms Creamy Morel

When it comes to bone benefits, Morels are a good source. Because of their high calcium content, they are great for bone strengthening. It also helps in preventing osteoporosis. These honeycomb-like fungi are also high in vitamins and other minerals. Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Copper are just a few to mention.

#4 Delicious Medicinal Mushrooms: Cordyceps

“You can eat Cordyceps!?!?” might be your reaction when you saw this on the list. Yes, this exotic fungi can be cooked and eaten. This isn’t commonly known because of how rare and hard it is to cultivate. But if you happen to have one of these on hand, then at least you know what to do.

Cordyceps soup

When cooking Cordyceps, most recipes ask for fresh ones. They are usually treated like a mixed-in vegetable to dishes. You can add them to stir-fry, soup, pasta, and as a garnish to other meals.

When it comes to health benefits, Cordyceps had a lot to say. They are a few of those mushrooms that are good for the brain. These fungi can lessen fatigue and enhance libido. They are also said to be a good workout partner. Recent studies show that they also can fight cancer cells. Furthermore, they contain insulin and antioxidants.

#5 Delicious Medicinal Mushroom: Portobellos

And last but not the least in our delicious medicinal mushrooms list is the Portobello. This meaty, flavorful, and hearty mushroom can be cooked in so many ways. You’ll never run out of ideas. An option is to slice them thinly to add to your favorite burger, steak, or chicken dish. You can also grill them and stuff them with minced vegetables. It can also be baked.

Beef Stroganoff with portobello dish

Plus, they are very medicinal too. Portobellos are filled with vitamins and minerals. Selenium, Potassium, and Copper are only some of the nutrients these mushrooms have. They also show the ability to fight cancer.

Wrap Up

Next time you want to add something nutritious to your meals, pick these medicinal mushrooms. If you find buying these mushrooms expensive, you can always go mushroom foraging. If you would prefer growing your own with a mushroom growing kit, then, why not? Enjoy the tasty food while getting the nutrients you need with these medicinal mushrooms.