A Quick Edible Mushroom Guide to 7 Well-Known Mushrooms

Whether in a soup or on a grill, mushrooms add the “yummy” in the food. However, not all mushrooms go well with every meal. Learning how to cook mushrooms is good. But, you also need to know the different types of edible mushrooms. Learn what’s the best mushroom for each dish by reading this helpful edible mushroom guide. 

Quick Edible Mushroom Guide to Agaricus bisporus Fungi

White Button

Edible Mushroom Guide White Button

Whenever you think of the word “mushroom”, you’d always picture that fungus we call “White Button”. This is the most common and accessible mushroom. You can buy this at a grocery store near you. However, if not cooked in the right way, White Button Mushrooms can get bland and spongy. To prevent yourself from making that mistake, follow the simple preparation procedure below. And enjoy your flavorful protein meal.

How To Prepare:

  • Rinse them for only a few seconds. 
  • Put some oil in a pan and saute them shortly.
  • Add them to a dish, or eat them as they are. 


Edible Mushroom Guide Cremini

Creminis are also good to add in every dish like its younger version, the White Button. They have a similar taste but their texture is slightly firmer. They are perfect for casseroles, stews, soups, and other soupy dishes.


Edible Mushroom Guide Portobello

If you are looking for that healthy meat substitute, Portobellos are a good way to go. As the fully matured version of the White Buttons, they have a meatier texture. They are rich in Vitamins D and B. You can include them in pasta sauces and mixed in a stir fry. Grilling and sauteing are also suggested. 

Quick Edible Fungus Guide to Reishi


If you want a healthy mushroom to add to your meal, Reishi mushrooms are one of them. Aside from being a good sleep aid, they also balance your blood sugar and boost your immune system. This good for the brain mushroom can also fight allergies and cancer. Apart from that, there are many more Reishi mushroom health benefits. Commonly, they are pulverized to add to a dish or drink. But, they can also be cooked and eaten. This Asian mushroom can also be taken as a supplement.

Quick Edible Mushroom Guide to Lion’s Mane

lion's mane mushroom

Though they can be a bit bitter, Lion’s Mane is also a very healthy mushroom. Its benefits include a faster healing process, better digestion, and immune system booster. It can also fight off depression, cancer, and protect the brain. To avoid the bitter taste, a thorough sauteing and baking are recommended. Once cooked, this medicinal mushroom looks like cooked chicken breasts, even on the inside.

Quick Edible Fungus Guide to Morel


Though expensive, Morels are famous for their distinct earthy flavor. They are also rich in nutrients. You can saute them in olive oil. Then, add heavy cream or white wine. This is the best way to cook fresh Morel mushrooms

Luckily, despite being costly, morels are not hard to find. You can hunt them in wooded areas with down trees. However, be sure to bring a picture of the mushroom with you when you go mushroom foraging. This is because there are poisonous mushrooms that look like the morel. If you don’t want to risk that, you can also grow your morels with a mushroom growing kit

Quick Edible Mushroom Guide to Shiitake


Another cancer-fighting mushroom is the Shiitake. These medicinal mushrooms are filled with nutrients and minerals. They are available in stores either dried or fresh. If you got the fresh ones, you need to remove the stems first before sauteing them and adding them to your dish. If dried, you can dip them in water then add it to the dish. Or you could just add it directly. Shiitakes are best served in stir fry and soup.

Wrap Up

So now you know the 7 well-known fungi in this edible mushroom guide. Cooking these edible mushrooms isn’t difficult. They are surprisingly simple and can add a “wow” factor to your meals. Not only that, but you can also have a very healthy diet if you regularly eat one of these healthy edible fungi.